Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reasons people watch WWE

WWE Divas, such as Nidia, is one of the reasons why people watch wrestling and that WWE is so popular. Of course people like to see the atheletic contest between two gladiators & enjoy the soap opera elements but what everyone seems to love are those sexy WWE divas.

Nidia Guenard, born in Puerto Rico in 1979, shot to fame with 'Tough Enough' - WWE's reality TV series - which sees wannabe WWE superstars put through their paces with a gruelling training regime administered by trained atheletes.

Nidia came through the first, & toughest, series to earn her place in the federation alongside the first male winner, Maven, and later sent to WWE feeder federation Ohio Valley Wrestling to learn the tricks of the trade. And Nidia learnt very well indeed & now plays the redneck, beer-drinking, partner-swapping 'girlfriend' of cruiserweight champion Jamie Noble.

Nidia's great acting skills & excellent ring awareness have made her her of a division that includes such talents as Tajiri, Kidman & Noble himself. Her highest point so far in WWE was helping Jamie capture the cruiserweight title from her 'ex-boyfriend' Hurricane at 'King of The Ring' championship.

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